Renault Duster Red Malfunction Light On || Car Engine Off

 Renault Duster 

Car Problem :- 

1) Malfunction Light "ON'' Red 
2) ABS Light "ON"
3) Some Time Car Running Stop 
4) Starting Trouble 


1) DF101 Multiplexed Traction Control Connection, Invalid Source Computer Multiplex Signals 
2) DF1012 Consistent Multiplex Signal For CC/SL , The Data Supplied To The Cruise Control or Speed Limiter Are Not Correct.
3) DF002 Computer Fault 
4) DF061 ABS Multiplexed Information  Invalid 
5) DF024 No UCH Multiplex Signal Fault 
6) DF030 No ABS/EPS Multiplex Signal
7) DF010 Wiring Light Circuit Fault
8) DF150 Start Of Clutch Switch Travel Circuit
9) DF278 Neutral Switch
10)DF019 Battery Voltage ,Feed Voltage Too Low
11) DF009 Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
12)DF024 CAN Signal Missing
13) DF202 Invalid UCH Multiplex Signal 
14)DF193 Invalid Inj. Multiplex Signal 
15) DF066 Injection Multiplexed Emission Missing

Note :-  All Fault Code is Memory  ( This Running Car Sometime Red Malfunction light ON And After  few second Off )

Solution :- 

1) Check All Fuse 
2) Check Wiring 
3) Check ECU Wiring ( Check Carefully )

I Can Find This Car Problem ECU Wiring . Cut Wiring And Sometime signal loss

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