Volkswagen Taigun Fusebox Diagram and Location


Conditions for replacing a fuse

  • Ignition key removed (vehicle without starter button)
  • Ignition switched off and driver's door open (vehicle with starter button)
  • All consumers switched off

1) Cabin Compartment Fusebox 

Location :- 

Loosen and open the lid of the storage compartment on the driver's side.

Fusebox Overview:-

3 .Music amplifier fuse
5 .Sliding/tilting roof fuse
6 .Central locking fuse
7. Seat ventilation fuse
13. Light switch, diagnosis connection, rain
sensor, control lever under the steering
wheel fuse
14 .Windscreen wipers and washers fuse
15 .Instrument cluster fuse
16 .Lights fuse
17 .Right-hand side electric window controls fuse
18 .Windscreen wipers fuse
19.The Infotainment system fuse
20. Rear window heating fuse
23. Rear view camera fuse
24. USB connections fuse
25. Control lever under the steering wheel fuse
26. Data bus fuse
30. Ignition (ignition lock, starter button) fuse
31. Air conditioning, heating fuse
33. Right-hand side electric window controls fuse
35. Lights fuse
36. Horn fuse
38. Interior lighting, button lighting, backlighting, manual air conditioning, heating  fuse
39. Parking aid, cruise control system fuse
40. Light switch, headlights, headlight levelling, diagnostic connection, reversing
light switch, control lever under the fuse
steering wheel, interior mirror dimming fuse
41. Exterior mirror adjustment, electric fuse
power windows – driver fuse
42. Clutch pedal switch, engine starting fuse
43. Rear window wiper fuse
44. Airbag system, airbag control lamp fuse
45. Sliding/tilting roof fuse
46. Cooling system fuse
47. Diagnostic connection, radio fuse
48. Electric steering column lock, keyless fuse
lock and start system fuse
50. USB connections fuse
51. Diagnostic connection, radio fuse
52. 12-volt power socket fuse
53. Ignition key trigger lock, automatic transmission fuse
58. Windscreen washer system fuse
60. Climatronic fuse
61. Manual air conditioning / heater fuse

2) Engine Compartment Fusebox 

Location :- 

Engine Compartment Zone Simultaneously press the locking buttons on the fuse box cover and remove the cover.

Fusebox Overview :-

1. Engine control unit Fuse
2. Coolant pump Fuse
3. Lambda probes Fuse
4. Fuel pump Fuse
5. Radiator fan, oil level and oil temperature sensor Fuse
6. Ignition coils Fuse
7. Brake system (vacuum pump) Fuse
8. Fuel injection Fuse
9. Brake light switch Fuse
10. Battery data module Fuse
12. Air conditioning Fuse
14. ESC, engine control system, engine components Fuse
15. Automatic transmission Fuse
17. Engine control system Fuse
18. Starter Fuse
20. ESC Fuse
21. ESC Fuse

*Note :- Check Fusebox More Information Your Car Owners Manual .

Vw Taigun Fusebox Location 
Vw Taigun Fusebox Diagram
Vw Taigun Fusebox Fuse Meaning
Vw Taigun Fuse
Vw Taigun Fusebox Diagram Location
VW Taigun Fuse Box Layout
VW Taigun Fuse Box Symbol 
Vw Taigun Fuse Box 

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